The Science Behind the Sanddune Power Stepper

The Sanddune Power Stepper is a special flexible foam neurotrainer that mirrors the contractile rate or effort of the neuromuscular system of your body -how your muscles respond to activity. It is low impact, easy to use and effective in challenging your core balance, strength and coordination.

Experiencing weight bearing activity on a compliant surface such as the Sanddune Stepper, engages use of proprioception (your internal GPS). Exercise on this apparatus safely recruits muscle fiber without the traditional tearing that occurs on hard surfaces.

Learning the subtleties of how the body aligns and connects through the resistance option of both uphill and downhill positions teaches postural integrity. The uphill slope is higher and simulates walking uphill. The downhill slope is lower and simulates walking downhill.

Once you step off and resume walking on a normal surface, you will begin to notice subtle changes in your posture. This is your new way of educating and retraining the foundation of your core balance, strength and coordination.


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