Meet Neal Dakmak

Hey, my name is Neal Dakmak, and here's my journey with the Sanddune Stepper.

Working as a certified personal trainer, I've successfully trained thousands of clients to reach their health and fitness goals over my 11+ year career. Nothing gets me out of bed in the morning quite like the opportunity to help my clients become the best versions of themselves; inside and out.


Throughout my career I've seen an explosion of new products and methods coming out in the industry; new routines boasting miracle-like results, state of the art gym equipment, fancy nutritional supplements -- you name it, it was out there.

Some of these products were great additions and backed by solid science, others not so much.

As someone deeply rooted in this profession, I found it troubling that there was so much confusion in the marketplace for people who were merely just trying to take back control of their health.

I've always been a big believer in the fundamentals, but I regularly research new and innovative concepts that could be even more beneficial to the health and wellness of my clients. 

Enter The Sand Dune Stepper: I first discovered the Sanddune Stepper from an industry insider who gave me a demo of the product. After one session, I was immediately hooked and knew this would be a game-changer for myself and my clients.

As I searched more online, I discovered that many top coaches around the world were already using the Sand Dune Stepper in their gyms to help clients gain mobility and help with rehab work. Additionally, I uncovered the science that supported the impact stories buzzing around the industry.

I saw the Sanddune Stepper's potential immediately, but I was hungry for more, so I went straight to the source. I reached out to the creator of this revolutionary product on Instagram and after a few conversations he invited me to join him in person to learn everything that the Sand Dune Stepper can do. After meeting the creator of the Sand Dune Stepper and learning everything that could be performed with it, I decided to go all in and purchase 10 units for my workout studio!

The Sand Dune Stepper is now the focal point of the workout routines I provide for my clients.


Neal's Favorite Sanddune Stepper Workouts


Notable Career Achievements:

-Bachelors in Kinesiology Fitness and Human Performance

-Gym Owner of Dakmak Performance Fitness for 8 years

-Over 15 years in the Health and Performance Training

-Certified Silver Sneakers Classic, Stability and Balance Coach

-Certified Level 1 and Level 2 R.P.R (reflexive performance reset)

-Sanddune Stepper Education Development and Certification Coach

-Previous World Ranked Powerlifter and Avid Team Coach for Dakmak Performance

-Balance Fluidity Biomechanics Expert

-Spiritual Fitness Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Chakra Balancing, Brain Balance and Dynamic Meditation

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