12 Week Total Body Transformation and Reset

Upgrade your at home workout experience with the most innovative, safe, and effective way to train your whole body and mind for phenomenal results!

If you're feeling tired, out of shape, and have gained weight over the lock down periods, we have the perfect at home workout solution for you to begin building your physical and mental health. Our 12 Week Program is designed for returning back to the basics and getting back your natural flow!

Exercising at home has become the new standard during these tough times. Instead of having to head to the gym in traffic, find a trainer, find an exact time, you can now get better results conveniently at your own home, on your own time, and at your own pace.
Our program not only offers 12 weeks of detailed and highly effective simple protocols and exercises, but it also a focuses on long term results. This program is educational and will provide you the tools you need to continue to build and maintain your results. This is because we are here to empower you within your own body and mind because we know health and fitness isn’t just a 12-week program, but a life long journey that I wish to be apart of.

Why our program is different and what should you expect? 

The Fitness and health industry has never addressed key flaws in modern exercise and resistance training. It truly is a matter of utilizing the entire body compared to using it in parts. The ankle and foot complex is a part of the body ignored by every program and has left positive results on the table.
That stops now, I have worked extensively as a coach and educator to bring the highest level of training and have uncovered the missing link to achieving top health and performance all at convenience of your own home.

Dedicating my life as a movement and strength coach has led me to the tool necessary to uncovering these amazing benefits and in our 12-week program. You will be getting 15+ years of training and education from me and hundreds of clients in order to fast track your results. 

One of the most unique aspects to achieving the results you deserve in our 12 Week Total Body Transformation program is the utilization of the Sanddune Stepper. This tool is a cardio and balance training platform that amplifies the effects of walking, marching, running while producing ZERO impact on the joints. Performing ANY exercise on this tool will increase the need for balance and stability which dramatically enhances the body’s muscle recruitment and overall output.

ZERO IMPACT and High Output

This tool will allow no impact and added stress on the body while performing movements and activate the entire body, even when just standing in place! When it comes to exercising and SAFETY, having full body recruitment will enable you to FEEL your muscles and core working. In using this program, you will immediately gain confidence over your techniques and movements which will begin to flow and become easier and more ingrained with EVERY session.
The Sanddune Stepper will increase your output and ability to recruit more muscle, increase circulation, and help your body move in synchrony right off the bat. This tool alone has proven its effectiveness and is used in top rehabilitation and performance training facilities, NBA, NFL and College weight rooms, and is utilized by top strength coaches across the country. With that being said, not only will you have a coach and program guiding you to your best self in 12 weeks, but you will receive your OWN personal Sanddune Stepper with the guidance and coaching to feeling, moving, and exercising consistently for the long term.
Our Program empowers and educates on body awareness and enabling you to move and feel better in your own body. We support you with any questions or concerns, and provide personalized adjustments weekly to make sure you're able to fully engage and work through any limitation or movement discrepancies you may have.

With this 12 Week transformation program expect results in:

  • Foot health and pain relief
  • Improved mobility and flexibility of the ankle, foot, and toes
  • Posture and spinal alignment
  • Circulation benefits from head to toe
  • Body awareness, proprioception, and balance in exercise and daily life
  • Improvement in gait and running mechanics
  • Improvement in cardio output and recovery
  • Improvement in core strength in all directions
  • Balance of hormones and stimulation of the lymphatic system via rebounding
  • Muscle recruitment, balance, and turning on the stabilizing system
  • Mind muscle connection and understanding of the body and the Qi flow it contains
The current state of the industry incorrectly leads us to believe we need:
  • Long duration workouts and cardio
  • Heavy lifting and strength training
  • Stronger “do more” mentality
  • Radical Diet changes
  • Endless hard surface training ( impact and resistance in our bodies)
  • Anti Rotation and rigid stiff core training


What we are actually lacking and what you will gain from this program:

  • Heart health
  • Neuro feedback
  • Spine movement and rotation
  • Respiratory and breathing
  • Full body connection
  • Increased circulation
  • R and L brain connection
  • Low impact exercise, cardio, and HIIT
  • Improving and eliminating asymmetry
  • Lymphatic System flow for immune system health
  • Unstable surface training
  • Injury prevention
  • Foot and ankle strength and flexibility

The 12 Week Total Body Transformation and Reset program gives you all of the above and so much more. 

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